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Product Description

Elite Engineering, the leader in Oil PCV Catch Can solutions announces the latest addition to their proven line of oil separating Catch Cans with the "Elite Clean Side solution". 

The Clean-side solution addresses that small amount of oil vapor that enters the intake air charge upstream of the throttle body during WOT operation when the intake manifold vacuum is not present.

The Clean-side solution allows 100% MAF metered air entry while trapping the oil during wide open throttle operation and allowing it to return back into the valve cover as soon as the throttle is lifted. 

Simply installs as a direct replacement for your stock Oil Fill Cap allowing you to delete and replace the stock OEM hose. 

At 1/2 the cost of the plastic hollow GM unit, our aluminum clean-side separator incorporates an internal coalescing material. Simply unscrew the top for a quick inspection or cleaning. 

Available in the most popular color Black, other GM colors are coming soon!

This is a direct replacement for your stock Oil Fill Cap. Comes with vacuum caps and fittings if needed to connect to your intake air inlet tube.

Models for both the V8 AND V6 GM engines.


Although app. 90-95% of the oil ingestion via the intake air charge enters via the "Dirty" or "foul" side of the PCV system, the other 5-10% enter via back flow through the factory "clean" or "fresh" side tube. This occurs mainly when accelerating or at wide open throttle when intake manifold vacuum drops to zero and crankcase pressure is allowed to build. This pressure will seek the path of least resistance, which is backwards flowing into the intake air bridge assembly bringing in oil mist and other contaminants into the intake air charge.  While this will not cause severe issue with a port injection daily driven engine, it will cause detonation and reduced power and fuel economy, and in a performance engine, especially forced induction, this detonation is detrimental to power and the resulting knock retard is a negative tuners and owners should avoid, especially if the engine is run hard for extended periods such as road racing, drag racing, or aggressive driving period.


With a direct injection engine, this contributes to the intake valve coking issues all DI engines experience.


The Elite clean side separator is similar to the GM 1LE plastic unit in function, retaining a emissions compliant close system, but is superior in several ways. #1, it is made of billet 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum unlike the plastic GM unit that may break if used in sub-freezing temperatures. (the Elite unit can safely be used in all temperatures. It also contains stainless steel coalescing media in the separation chamber to trap and retain the oil for the periods of low or no intake manifold vacuum VS the GM unit being a simple empty chamber. This allows most of the oil to be trapped VS a smaller percentage, and also returns it to the valve cover as soon as vacuum returns during deceleration, idle, or cruise. 


If you have a catch can with only a single evacuation suction source, this is an absolute must. If you are using the E2 or E2-X with dual outlets and check valves that utilizes 2 separate evacuation suction sources, then this is beneficial to trap the small amount of oil that came back-flow during the brief period of the checkvalves closing and opening to always default to the strongest suction source.


No matter what brand catchcan you run, the Elite billet Cleanside Separator is a benefit.


With the vented breather, cans, and tanks that break the closed PCV system giving grounds to void your warranty as well as being illegal for street use in all 50 States, this is a very affordable solution (app. 1/2 the price of the GM plastic unit) that retains an emissions compliant closed system and accomplishes all a breather does and more.

Additional Information

Brand Elite Engineering
Part Type Catch Can
Engine Type Gen III/Gen IV
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