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 The EWP150 Alloy Electric Water Pump - univresal fit, do-it-yourself, easy to install water pump designed to replace or compliment your existing belt-driven mechanical water pump. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven water pump the EWP can provide up to 10kW of extra power, increased torque, increased cooling capacity, eliminating heat soak and provide better engine temperature control.


 Technical Specifications

Kit Contents 

Operating voltage 3V DC to 15V DC  EWP150 Alloy Assy   1 
Maximum current 10A Wiring Harness with 10A Fuse    1
Flow rate 150 L/min (40 US gal/min) Rubber Sleeves 3mm   2
Operating temp -40 to 130C (-40 to 266F) Hose Clamps    2
Pump design  Clockwise Centrifugal   Hardware Bag:
Relay, Scotch Lock, Ring Terminal, Self Tapper
Pump Material Aluminium (Powder Coated)
Pump weight  1,170 grams (2.60lbs)      
Burst pressure  500 kPa (72.5 psi)      
Dimensions 128mm x 85mm x 188mm    
Hose Sizes 38mm to 51mm (1-1/2" to 2")    
Inlet & Outlet Internal Thread AN-16    


This high capacity EWP®150 (40 US Gal/Min) is designed to replace and/or complement the existing belt driven mechanical water pump and when fitted with the optional Digital Controller (Part # 8020), replaces the thermostat. 
The major benefits a EWP®150 offers are: 
> Minimise the parasitic power losses running a mechanical water pump at high speed when not needed 
> Maximise engine warm-up & minimise the effects of heat soak by operating the EWP®150 after engine shut down.
The EWP®150 has the advantage of offering more consistent coolant flow independent of the engine revs. The fitment of the EWP® & Fan Digital Controller to your engine, which is scientifically calibrated to manage the volume/flow of engine coolant with the corresponding increase in coolant temperature within the engine’s cooling system.
From start-up, the EWP® & Fan Digital Controller will 'system check' the EWP®150 and Thermatic Fan operating the pump and fan for approx. 10 seconds. Low engine temperature, low flow (10-on - 30-off pwm) reduces engine warm-up time, arriving at your targeted/set temperature quicker, assisting control the engine temperature within your -5 to +3 degree targeted/set temperature range. The Electric Thermatic Fan/s will be deployed at +3◦C above targeted/set temp if slower travel (traffic) or engine idle conditions continue. The EWP® & Fan Digital Controller will continue operating after a hot engine shut down for a approx. 2 minute period to help prevent damaging heat soak.

Additional Information

Length 6.5
Height 3.75
Width 7.25
Weight 3.5000
Brand Davies Craig
Part Type Electric Waterpump
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