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The Boost Leash is a 5 stage time based plus launch stage Race/Street style boost controller. This unit is very accurate and consistent. Since it's a gate pressure controller, the numbers you set in the controller ARE NOT boost, but rather gate pressure.

You have wastegates to control boost and it's normally set by a spring in the wastegate that gives you X amount of boost. This controller gives you an imaginary variable spring. You start out by putting a real small spring in your wastegate like a 3-5psi spring or no spring at all which is what I prefer. You then set gate pressure curves and these curves are pressure thats applied to the same area in the wastegate as the springs are in. Your programmed gate pressure curve does the same thing as the springs do only you can vary it with the pressure curves. Now keep in mind that you will have to experiment to find what gate pressures give what boost psi results e.g. 15psi on the controller might give you 10psi boost. You just have to figure that out so start with low gate psi settings at first till you get an idea of what boost levels you can expect. This is the style boost controller used by the fastest heads up racers in the country.

The Boost Leash has a launch stage that you program the desired launch psi. It has 5 time-based stages that start after the launch input is activated and released. The 5 stages has time delay, rate of pressure increase, and psi for each stage. There is also a datalog screen that datalogs the time, boost and gate psi curve so you can see what the pressure curve looks like which aids in tuning. This is a very simple unit. The Boost Leash will work with most turbo and supercharger systems. If you choose to run CO2, you'll need a CO2 bottle, adjustable regulator, fittings and hoses. Come with 5 year warranty and personal customer support and aid in tuning. Comparable units sell for $900+.

Additional Information

Length 3
Height 9.75
Width 7
Manufacturer Leash Electronics
Weight 1.4800
Part Type Boost Controller
Brand Leash Electronics
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